One Part Potlatch, One Part Fundraiser

Why are you doing this?

For Tiny Houses!

Seriously, for Tiny Houses.

The individual reasons and circumstances behind this decision might get described in more detail later. For now:

  • It makes the most sense economically for us to lower our expenses. Smaller living spaces = less cost to furnish, heat and maintain. No amount of working harder or earning more is going to help if we don't reduce our expenses and control what we can.
  • It makes sense for the earth to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt ways of living that support sustainable recovery for our environment.
  • It makes good health sense for one of us - Stone has chronic migraines that cause her a lot of pain and inconvenience almost every day. By building a tiny home herself, she can control the smelly materials and chemicals whose off gassing might aggravate her head. She's planning the lighting (and ability to shut out light) equally carefully. 
  • It makes good social sense for our chosen family to live close together but still have our own spaces. The idea is that we all have our own space and independence while all our tiny houses reside on the same piece of property so we can see each other, make meals together and spend time together every day. 

Are you really giving away all your stuff?

Yes and No.

The Yes Part

We really are giving away or selling a large quantity of our stuff. Like most Americans, we have too much stuff we don't use, don't need and/or can't remember why we have it. We are most happy when our stuff finds good homes with people who need it or will enjoy it. We've been paring down our possessions and passing them around to friends informally for some time now. We still have a lot more to go. Some of it is just free.

The No Part. 

Not all of it. We're hanging on to plenty which we will use to furnish and supply our tiny houses in our Bright Future. We're even going to acquire some different stuff that meets our current and future needs better.

We are using the money we make from selling things to raise funds to purchase the things we do need - wood, nails, plumbing supplies, etc. So when you buy our things, you are not only getting a great deal, you are supporting our dreams and our future. Awww. So great!