Saturday, November 9, 2013

Contents of the Free Box

Contents of the Free Box varies and changes from day to day. Items so random they don't even merit their own post. See the tag "free" for even more items.

As of today, Saturday, November 9, the Free Box contains:
  • An inflatable zabuton from Mobile Meditator. It's a bit beat up but it will cushion your butt when you sit. 
  • A ceramic wall hanging making a joke about women being more useful than men. 
  • A Torani syrup pour nozzle
  • an analog food scale
  • A Hamilton Beach TrueAir plug-in air filter (needs new filter)
  • A stuffed dolphin
  • A small straw broom (decorative only)
  • 2 picture frames, one table use only
  • wooden black cat decoration
  • wooden jack-o-lantern decoration (small) 
  • blue plastic pitcher
  • vintage handheld apple corer
  • XL Men's button down shirt, blue with small checks